Privacy Policy – Please Don’t Touch Anything

Date of Last Revision: January 22, 2024

ForwardXP (“our team” or “we”) crafts engaging experiences for your personal enjoyment. This Privacy Policy delineates the manner in which we handle data related to or from our players in relation to the game “Please Don’t Touch Anything” (termed “Services”).

By accessing or using our Services, you’re approving of the procedures outlined in this Privacy Policy. For inquiries regarding this notice, reach out to us at [email protected].

I. What data do we gather about you?

Directly, we don’t collect personal data from your interaction with the Services. Yet, our service associates, channels of distribution, and game engines (collectively “Platforms”) provide consolidated metrics pertaining to our Services’ performance. This consolidated data might encompass metrics like crash occurrences, daily user counts, frame rates, battery consumption, memory usage, and average gaming sessions.

The data collection by Platforms is not under our jurisdiction. Familiarize yourself with the respective privacy standards of these Platforms via:

Meta –

II. How do we leverage your data?

We utilize the data shared by Platforms to spot glitches, offer assistance, and enhance our Services.

III. Who has access to your data?

All the insights we acquire about you are processed and anonymized before reaching us. Thus, we can’t share any information about you on a personal level nor do we possess such specifics. We staunchly refrain from commercializing your personal data and affirm that we haven’t done so over the past year.

IV. What options are available to you?

Upon initiating or accessing the Services, Platforms might necessitate you to authenticate via your relevant Platform account. You hold the right to modify your privacy preferences on the given Platform. Notably, the data Platforms amass about you isn’t directly under our purview. Should you harbor reservations about the data we obtain or handle, do get in touch.

V. Assurance of Data Safety

Recognize that absolute security for data transmissions or storage is an ideal, not a guarantee. Hence, while we make earnest efforts to safeguard the data we oversee, we can’t ensure the complete security of data shared or transferred to our Services, nor can we be held liable for unintended disclosures.

VI. For Global Users

Our operations are based in the United States. Regardless of your geographical interaction with our Services or data sharing, the said data might be routed to and housed on servers within the U.S. or other territories. Remember, the legislative and regulatory landscape in the hosting nation might diverge from your homeland. By engaging with our Services, you’re endorsing the transfer, storage, and processing of data in the U.S. and other territories.

VII. Childrens Privacy

We provide an array of Services tailored for audiences of varied age brackets, encompassing families. We conscientiously avoid procuring personal details from minors. Upon realizing the unintentional gathering of such details from children under 13, we promptly expunge it. Should you suspect that we might hold data from a child under 13, connect with us.

VIII. Revisions to this Privacy Policy

Upon updating this Privacy Policy, we’ll duly notify you of the modifications in fitting ways, possibly through an email alert (using the email you’ve shared), notifications within the Services, or by modifying the “Date of Last Revision” stated at the top of this document.

IX. California Residents

As a California Resident, you’re privy to specific rights delineated below. Yet, these rights are bound by certain constraints, and there could be scenarios where we might not cater to your request as sanctioned by law.

You can exercise your Californian privacy entitlements described subsequently by:

  • Requesting insights on our data collection and usage during the previous year.
  • Asking for a replica of personal data we’ve gathered about you in the past year.
  • Petitioning for the erasure of your personal data.
  • Being reassured that your rights won’t trigger unjustified financial penalties or degradation in Service quality.

To invoke any of the aforementioned rights, send an email to [email protected]. Prior to catering to your appeal, we’ll validate your residency in California and authenticate your identity. Potential requirements could encompass government ID proofs. You’re also entitled to commission an authorized representative for these processes, provided you furnish the necessary legal documentation.

For Californians wishing to understand third-party marketing practices in relation to California’s “Shine the Light” law, email us at [email protected] with “Shine the Light” as the subject.

We commit to not commercializing your personal data without securing your explicit agreement beforehand.

X. Contacting ForwardXP

For any clarity or queries pertaining to this Privacy Policy or the data handling methods we employ, connect with us at:


[email protected]